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Pretty Panty (Subscribe and Save)

Pretty Panty (Subscribe and Save)

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Pretty Panty is a fashionable panty and pad all in one that offers eight hours of leak-free protection. One box contains 7 panties, for 7 leak free and anxiety free nights. Go 1 size up on first order (recommended).

Ultimate period protection for women of all ages

  • Promotes optimal health during the menstrual cycle
  • Leak-free design
  • Looks just like a regular panty
  • 100% natural and chemical-free
  • Triple-layer protection that holds liquid away from the body
  • Breathable materials that prevent bacteria and odor
  • Ideal for menorrhagia and heavy overnight flow
  • Doctor recommended
  • Panty and pad are disposable and biodegradable
  • 7 panties per box


Go 1 size up on first order (recommended)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ok so l like them, they work.

Thought I brought extra and BABY it didn't leak.

Amazing product

I’m a monthly subscriber, I have been a subscriber for years now, because nothing is easier. All the other products just take too much time. I get my pretty panty, I use it, I throw it away. I don’t have to worry about leaks, chemicals etc. It’s easy, convenient and super comfortable.

my favorite products for sure


I am a subscriber every month. Leak free, Feels amazing, so comfortable and my period is overall better do to these products. Highly recommended.

Best decision ever!!

I was skept6ical at 1st But I decided to try it I suffer from heavy periods and I have to wear overnight pads during the day and super plus tampons and still used to get leakage during my shift at work when I'm Under the most stress. So I did the big test I put the panty on at 6 AM and I said I'm going See if I could last my Entire shift at work And unbelievable it worked No leaks no smell No accidents Ladies if you suffer from heavy periods cramping A holly recommend I will be purchasing more


The didn't work in my time of need, I flew into Seattle airport and walked the walkway to the light rail station which was about a .5 mile. When I got to the station I scurried to the bathroom but it had a line. While waiting some blood leaked out the side of the panties causing a spot on my tan leggings. I had to use a sweatshirt to hide the wet spot while riding the train. I'm disappointed because I thought they would be my new go to for situations like that.