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Femi Secrets

Femi Pads

Femi Pads

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Our daytime pads are long, thin, and organic. Made to accommodate you on your light days while using your Pretty Panty daytime panties.

Femi Pads are long, thin, and absorbent daytime pads intended for your light days. These high-quality pads easily fit into Pretty Panty Dailies. Made from organic materials, Femi Pads work with the breathable, lightweight material of the panty to keep you feeling fresh and dry all day. Box contains 20 pads per box.

*20 per pack


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sizes are SO WRONG

these were horrible for me personally. I used my exact measurements to the ones on the back of the box. When I put them on they basically turned into a thong and were about 2 sizes too small. If you have any sort of butt or curves these are not for you. The pad part also was no where near my vagina, only on my butt (I made sure they were not on backwards). Then went to pull my pants up later on and they ripped. Just buy reusable period panties, they so much better.

Mora Person

Femi Pads

My favorite pads

I have super heavy periods due to uterine fibroids. I used tampons and pads as backup at the same time. I change me tampon every 2 hours otherwise I bleed through. Especially great for sleeping. The long length and super hourglass shape make these the most superior pads I’ve ever used. 5 stars. I highly recommend these pads.