Why is your vagina itchy?

Why is your vagina itchy?

Its a big question right? Because the female body is so complicated, right? "Don't use this, use this, this works, but not to much of it, use this only once, sleep with this one" is what we normally hear about the products and/or humans that it applies to. So why is my vagina itchy? 

Here are some things you should keep away from your vagina or it may get hostile. 

1. Anything scented (soap, perfume etc) 

2. Anything that has been in your butt. Should be-self explanatory right?  (also keep in mind, the old rule, wipe front to back). 

3. Douches - have been marketed for "cleaning" but actually is a direct disruptor of your vaginas happy PH balance. 

4. Tampons- To much use of tampons with chemicals in them will throw off your ph balance as well. Tampons are created for emergency use only. 2 hrs max use. 

5. New sexual partners- having unprotected sex with a new partner, or a partner who is having sex with someone else at the same time, could also through off you PH balance. Safe sex is always the best way of protecting your vagina and PH all at once.

So what happens when it gets itchy? Could be a few things. 

1. Yeast infection- if you have not been there (which most women have) its not a friendly place. 

2. Infection such as bacterial Vaginosis 

3. STI- like chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis

4. Allergic reactions 

5. Changes in hormones - menopause 

6. Pubic Lice 

How can you stop the itch? 

Wear cotton chemical free panties like the Pretty Panty by Femi Secrets (especially when on your period). 


Treatment depends on what is causing the issue. First things first, keep your regular OBGYN visits up to date. But if it gets itchy, make an appointment on the spot. The sooner the better. 

Lastly, keep your vagina nice and clean at all times by using a chemical free wipe like Femi Secrets Femi Wipe, after every bathroom visit. Especially when on your period and always remember, wipe front to back. 

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