Vaginal health 2023

Vaginal health 2023

Hypersexual society?

Femi Secrets remain dedicated to being the leader in vaginal health in 2023. Our CEO is dedicating to researching and making sure Femi Secrets leads with education and healthy products for feminine care. Is hypersexuality (compulsive sex, sex with multiple partners in a certain time frame, sex with people you have just met) a major cause to the elevated feminine hygiene issues? 

Our CEO votes yes! So whats the solution, SEX STRIKE you say? 

STD's lead to most feminine health issues. STD's ignored lead to cancer and infertility of the lady parts.

One of the reasons Femi Secrets was created as a company, was to give a voice to women silenced. Women have been shamed for sex and disorders that come from sex. They have been silenced because of shame and dont got to get checked  by their OBGYN because of it, leading to long term issues like infertility and cancer of the feminine organs. 

A mandatory sex strike is being proposed as the solution by ouR CEO. The goal is to statistically and scientifically record the results of healthier women and healthier vaginas starting in 2023. Are you in ladies? 

Healthy women start with healthy vaginas and healthy fem care products. Did you know Femi Secrets was the only award winning company to focus on the health of women via healthy period products and actually be victorious? Women who use Femi Secrets products claim to have lighter periods, less cramps, no leaks and ZERO odors.  The Pretty Panty is the the award winning product that is on course to saving a world by vaginas alone. Created for heavy periods and women who suffer from fibroids, the Pretty Panty has gone on to become the #1 Feminine Care product on the market. Specializing in results!

Sign the save the vagina petition on Femi today.  

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