The best diet to beat period "burn out".

The best diet to beat period "burn out".

Ladies, we all know there is that one day when we literally just can't get out of our beds due to our monthly recurring menstrual cycle right.  Do we have a choice? Yes, many Doctors and OBGYN's would say "birth control". But do we really want to fill our already hormone infused body with more hormones, to make us crazier? NO! 

So how can we beat it? Well theres a few ways.

Diet (yeah I know here we go again) 

  1. Water- plenty of water
  2. Fruit- Watermelon, Papaya and Cucumber
  3. Leafy Vegetables 
  4. Special veggies like beets (for blood replenishment).  
  5. Femi Fibroid Tea-made to help calm you and soothe any cramps during your periods.

The key to all of this is to make sure you start changing your diet right before the actual menstruation phase is happening (bleeding). 1 week before the bleeding is scheduled to begin, start eating healthier. This will help extremely with the way you feel during your cycle. 

Again, Femi Secrets was created, to make you get through the month easier and healthier. Also don't forget, for painless and healthier flow, don't use tampons and always use the Pretty Panty. The Pretty Panty was made for heavy cycles, leak proof! 


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