Is your vagina talking to you?

Is your vagina talking to you?

How important is it to see what exactly is coming out of your vagina? 

Very important! 

It is the number 1 reason why we at Femi Secrets encourage women to use the Pretty Panty while on their monthly cycle. 

5 reasons why its important to see what is coming out of your vagina. 

1. Discharge with odor- odor can tell a story of whats happening. For instance, if you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, there will be a fishy odor present. 

2. Color- color of period blood can tell a story of whats happening in your body. Dark red period blood could indicate high estrogen count. 

3. Discharge- discharge of any kind can tell you how your body is operating. It could be a sign that the body is operating properly or not. 

4. Color of discharge- grayish period blood or discharge could be a sign of bacteria vaginosis. 

5. Blood flow- a normally period should not be any more than 1 Pretty Panty change every 8 hours or 2 tampons every 8 hours. 60 Milliliters or 2.7 ounces. That is about 1 and 1/2 of a shot glass. 

So it is VERY important to see what is coming out of your body. To much blood can lead to low iron. Clotted blood could indicate an internal issue. Using free flow, non chemical induced products like the Pretty Panty can elevate your feminine health and hygiene tremendously.  

Although as women, we think we just need to hide the blood, catch it with something and stop a leak, like with tampons, cups, washable period panties. No, this is not the way. Having a healthy flowing period and knowing whats going on in your body, is a healthy sign of a healthy woman. 

The Pretty Panty, by Femi Secrets disposable period panty and patented period  panty, is made to make women healthier. We are doing our job! Leading in health and wellness. 

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