How Femi Secrets products cured chronic UTI?

How Femi Secrets products cured chronic UTI?

I you're are a woman with a vagina, you understand that a UTI  is something you never want to experience. And if you have experienced one, you never want to experience it again. 

The equivalent of a Urinary Tract Infection is someone holding a blow torch inside of your uterus and taunting you every second with it. Right, who wants that. 

Here are signs that you may have a UTI:

Early signs of UTI include the following;

- Pressure or cramping in the groin or lower abdomen.

This is an early indicator and if you catch it early you may can go to the doctor and get help before it goes into a full UTI with the following symptoms.

Signs of active UTI:

-Pain or burning while urinating

-Frequent urination 

-Feeling the need to urinate despite having and empty bladder (called Urgency). 

-Blood in Urine 

So whats the cure? 

If you know Femi Secrets, you know we specialize in preventative care. Our products like our signature product the Pretty Panty, help women have healthier vaginas. 

How to avoid UTI's?

-Use Femi Secrets Femi Wipe at every rest room visit. This will help with removing bacteria from the vagina. This bacteria can come from your normal vaginal bacteria or from the toilet and tissue paper being used. The toilet paper may contain chemicals that will trigger a UTI. 

-Avoid using panties that have been used during menstrual cycle (your period while bleeding) ie washable period panties. This is why the Pretty Panty  by Femi Secrets give women the healthiest vaginal experience. 

-Avoid using any vaginal soap/washes or douches. The vagina is a self cleaning area. Do not put any vaginal wash/soap inside of the labia. 

The Femi Secrets system to a healthy vagina and a UTI free vagina works every-time.  The system is use Femi Wipes every time you use the toilet, use the Pretty Panty when on your cycle OR when you have any feminie issues going on like, BV, STD or Yeast infection etc. and Dont use any feminine wash or soap in any area that is not external to your lady parts. 




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