Take a look at a few testimonials sent in to us by our satisfied customers that have purchased and experienced the great benefits of using the Pretty Panty!

It really works.

"Pretty Panty is affordable and it really works, I wouldn't go a day without them."

-Janice, 27 ( Atlanta, GA )

Where have you been all my life?!

Omg Pretty Panty. Where was this product at ten years ago? This product is the best...No worries at all and then I can just throw them away. I buy them bulk, just in case they disappear, (you know how those new products are) :)

- Susan, 42 ( Lansing, MI )

You're Crazy!

"If you are still using regular pads, you're crazy!!! Don't cheat yourself. I've told all my friends about them and they can't stop thanking me...Just no worries at all!"

- Debbie, 43 ( Baltimore, MD )

Match made in heaven.

My nine year old daughter just stepped into woman hood. With the Pretty Panty being so easy to use - Wear them a day, and throw them away! - It was a match made in heaven for my daughter

- Sheryl, 37 ( Atlanta, GA )

A green product too!

The Pretty Panty solves so many issues. The fact that it's a green product is why I gave it a try. And it really does work!

- Pamela, 30 ( Wisconsin, MI )

My boyfriend thought they were regular panties!

My boyfriend hated when I wore my granny panties... So I started using Pretty Panties and he was so confused. LOL. [He] thought they were regular panties. But he’s very happy he doesn’t have to see my dirty panties in the sink (yuck). Great invention.

- Tori, 21 ( Charlotte, NC )

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It works out when I work out

"When I finish working out I have no worries. Wearing the Pretty Panty I always feel protected, no matter what I do or where I go."

- Tiffinay, 32 ( Chicago, IL )

I always feel protected.

"Basically after I had my baby my flow was real heavy and most pads couldn't hold my heavy flow. With the Pretty Panty and the stitched in pad I didn't have anything to worry about. The Pretty Panty is always going to protect you."

- Amanda, 35 ( New York, NY )

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