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How They Work

“Woman’s Most Trusted Brand”

Eco Friendly Doctor Recommended Protection

  • Keep Your Feminine Cycle Healthy & Free From Chemicals
  • Ultimate Protection During Your Menstrual Cycle
  • Discreet Solution For Bladder Issues
  • Post-pregnancy and Delivery Protection
  • Optimal Overnight Protection
  • Great Protection For Other Feminine Conditions

Pretty Panty Three Layer Airflow Diagram

Leak Resistant Layer Traps Fluids Furthest From Your Body

Two Absorbant Layers Lay Close to Your Body

Airflow Limits Moisture to Prevent Odor and Bacterial Growth

Pretty Panty panty diagram

Pretty Panty and Pad Come in One Unit ... Locking Your Protection In Place

Strong Protection That Can Withstand Even Menorrhagia & Decreases Affiliates like Bacteria Vaginitis

Airflow Limits Moisture to Prevent Odor and Bacterial Growth

Seamless Design That Eliminates Bulk

Discreet Protection Built Into the Design

Constructed From Lightweight, Thin Materials That Fit Smoothly Under Clothing

Pretty Panty

Say goodbye to LEAKS

Say goodbye to BLOAT

Say goodbye to chemicals



Tampons can not absorb heavy flow for more than 2 hrs with out a leak.

Tampons "plug" effect causes more bloat and pain.

Chemicals in tampons may have long term health effects.

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