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QAre Pretty Panty panties comfy enough to wear for eight (8) hours?

Pretty Panty is made of a light and breathable material providing the ultimate level of comfort during an uncomfortable time of month. Pretty Panty is designed by engineers and health professionals for the sole purpose of feminine life cycle, perfect fit and ultimate benefit.

QHow does Pretty Panty affect the environment versus other disposable sanitary products?

Pretty Panty products are made of biodegradable 100% natural materials, are chemical free, and are environmentally friendly!

QHow does Pretty Panty eliminate moisture and odor when I am wearing it all day?

Pretty Panty’s super absorbent core pulls and holds moisture into the inner part of the pad. The anti-leak core is designed to lock fluid in, keeping the surface dryer and more breathable. Pretty Panty’s breathable material also allows for airflow that dries moisture as the pad absorbs it. Little to no moisture means there is less of a chance for odor.

QHow often do I change my Pretty Panty?

Pretty Panty’s super absorbent core coagulates moistures and holds it in the inner part of the pad. Pretty Panty provides protection for up to eight (8) hours, depending on your specific menstrual flow. Pretty Panty also provides the ultimate night time protection.

QI usually change my pad/tampon three to four times a day, would I need to change my Pretty Panty panties that many times a day as well? If so, do you offer more quantities than the five (5) or ten (10) box option?

As stated above, Pretty Panty provides up to eight (8) hours of protection; however, as with any menstrual sanitary product, this protection is solely based on an individual’s menstrual flow.

QWho is the Pretty Panty’s target customer?

YOU!!! The Pretty Panty is designed with the needs of every woman in mind. Whether you are a student, a girl-on-the-go, a new mom or a stay-at-home mom of four – the Pretty Panty provides you a comfortable level of protection so that this time of the month is no different than the rest of the month.

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