Go Healthy with Pretty Panty!

Pretty Panty, the ultimate protection for your monthly cycle.

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Go Healthy with Pretty Panty!

We Use Biodegradable Materials

Pretty Panty Is Made of 100% Natural Materials, Is Chemical Free, And Is Biodegradable!

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We Use Biodegradable Materials

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Feel Beautiful, Feel Confident, Feel Secure with Pretty Panty

Feminine Health Is What Pretty Panty Stands for! 

No More Worries, No More Leaks

Are you a Heavy Bleeder with no way to sustain the flow?

Bleeding through your clothes and current protection methods?

Tired of that bloated feeling while wearing a tampon?

Having Feminine Hygeine issues, (smells, discharge, Bacteria)?  

Pretty Panty is the perfect Healthy and Eco-friendly solution to your all your problems! 


What Others Say About Pretty Panty!

Take a look at a few testimonies sent in to us by our satisfied customers that have purchased and experienced the great benefits of using the Pretty Panty!

How It Works

Pretty Panty is made of a light and breathable material providing the ultimate level of comfort during an uncomfortable time of month. Pretty Panty is designed by engineers and health professionals for the sole purpose of a healthy feminine life cycle, perfect fit and ultimate benefit.

Rest Easy With Cute, Comfortable Period Panties

Eco Friendly

Allows women to flow with natural, chemical-free, 8-hour leak-free protection!

  • Chemical Free

  • Natural Fibers

  • 8-Hour Leak-Free Protection

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Biodegradable Materials


Pretty Panty is safe, chemical-free and biodegradable. You can rest easy knowing that its 100% natural materials are great for you and good for the earth. learn more

Doctor Recommended

The Pretty Panty has several health benefits associated with its breathable construction, including: No Chemicals! Pretty Panty Prides is self with no chemicals in that special feminine area! The Pretty Panty’s airflow limits the ability for moisture and odor to form. Little moisture means little chances for bacteria growth. learn more


There are no mishaps with the Pretty Panty. It is designed to WEAR THEM FOR A DAY AND THROW THEM AWAY, so after you use if for your desired protection time span, it is easily and discreetly discarded and biodegradable. learn more


The protection of the Pretty Panty is included into the design of it, which eliminates the need to ‘broadcast’ that it’s that time of the month by lugging around plastic packs of tampons or sanitary napkins. learn more

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